My Father’s Darkroom Had Mold

My love for photography grows every day. I see it as my personal calling. There’s something divine in capturing a moment for eternity. My love for taking photos happened from the minute I got a camera in my hands. My father gave it to me. You see, my father was also a photographer, so the passion for photography comes from him. I remember the moment he put the first camera into my hands. It was an analog, black plastic camera with film inside. He bought it just for me. There was a limit to how many photos you could take before you had to change the film. Storing and developing those films was such a wonderful process. I remember the first time I entered the room where you develop photos. It was called a “darkroom”. It was my father’s room, and we still use it to this day. 

The darkroom is actually an improvised room in our garage made by my father. He put so much love and effort into creating this getaway. He spends a lot of time there experimenting with black and white photography. Black and white photos are his specialty. While growing up, I remember him coming from work, eating, and going directly there to spend some time with himself. He is so passionate when speaking about photography. He uses every chance to bring up the topic. Especially when we watch movies. While we are all interested in the story or the characters, my father is only interested in photography. “A good movie is defined by its photography” – he says. And you know what, I am starting to realize that he is absolutely right. If the movie has a good story or good characters but doesn’t have good photography, then it’s probably a mediocre movie and definitely not a masterpiece.

Back to the darkroom. The last photos I developed there are photos from the renovation of the house. My parents decided that the house needed some extra isolation since they noticed that there was mold. Actually, it was my father who first noticed in the darkroom. Since the darkroom is a bit specific to renovate, my father decided to install an air purifier device from Clean Breathing to deal with this problem specifically. And deal with it it did. But once my parents realized that the mold was probably coming from the poor isolation on the roof, they decided to invest in isolation. Now the house is well prepared for another photo project – before and after. The photos will be developed in the darkroom and presented soon. So stay tuned.