Hazard of the Job

Sometimes I feel that the camera and I are one. I am behind the lens so much that it has probably melded to my face. In fact, I think my eyelashes are thinning out on my right eye. Imagine that! A hazard to being a photographer. There aren’t many, but this is perhaps something to watch out for. What do you do? Limit the amount of daily time you spend at your trade. I certainly can’t do that. I have worked hard to get where I am and I am not going to alienate clients. I will never say, “you can’t have an appointment.” If someone wants a shoot, whether a wedding, an anniversary, or just a portrait I am there. Just because of eyelashes I am not going to risk my income.

But, actually, I do care about how I look. Who wants to have lopsided eyelashes? I suppose people will notice and wonder what happened. I must try this growth serum I have been reading about. It makes the eyelashes grow faster and stronger. You put it on daily and in four to eight weeks, you see the results. There are several ways to go. You can go to the ophthalmologist and get a prescription for Latisse or you can try the drugstore over-the-counter version. The former works better but there is a warning on the label. Your blue eyes can turn brown. I have brown so I would be exempt. Meanwhile, it is a trip to the drugstore that is at hand.

I start using the serum the very next day and am anticipating long, beautiful lashes. I keep applying it for days on end. The first thing every morning, I check their length. For weeks, I see no progress; frustration is my new name. I hide behind sunglasses so no one will mock me. I use lash lengthening mascara but it is so hard to get off. Finally, I resort to eyelash extensions. They look fabulous and people complement me, but are they ever expensive. They do last about two weeks, but do I want to invest my hard-earned savings in a cosmetic procedure. Meanwhile, I keep applying the serum. I am running out and wonder if I should get another bottle. Of course, I do. Your looks are important. It is how the public sees and judges you, although I would not say that I am vain. What’s another $5?

After six weeks, I think I notice some growth. I might need a magnifier to see it but I believe it is there. My two eyes are almost even. If I can sustain this and still work behind the camera, I will be very happy indeed. Why grow your lashes, spend the money, and have to start all over again? I decide to keep applying the serum, but just twice a week as a kind of maintenance dose. The best advice I can give is not to look to close.